The world of tomorrow

Ruhi Ahluwalia

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This book has been written during meditation[1] sessions over the year 2019 and 2020. Its content is the result of the so-called Automatic writing[2], also named psychography.

That means, Ruhi Ahluwalia, the author, didn’t consciously write the following chapters. She wasn’t aware about the purpose of the book before writing it. Also, she wasn’t aware of the content of a sentence before to typing it on the keyboard. Basically, she discovered the book as you will discover it: sentence after sentence, chapter after chapter.

From an esoteric[3] point of view, Ruhi has been a channel[4]. A sot of a wire that transmits information between our physical world and the non material one. In fact, the author used Ruhi during her meditation sessions to transcribe his book from his world to ours.

From a scientific point of view, the automatic writing isn’t spiritual nor supernatural. It is considered to be the result of the ideomotor effect[5]. As a consequence, the content of the book is the expression of the Ruhi’s unconscious mind.

Over the world, many books have been claimed to be written using the automatic writing. One of the most famous author is Chico Xavier[6] with hundreds of published books.

Eventually, this book, among others, contains a message which seems to come from elsewhere: a place located at the limit of our scientific knowledge or even beyond. A message which could help some of us to see beyond the unexpected times.


channelled on Monday 23 March 2020

“The world of tomorrow” is a work that needed to be done while I was alive. I have written several books to connect the upper world to your world. A year back, I could connect to Ruhi while she was meditating and wanted her to continue with what I was suppose to deliver to the world. The messages in this book are a real and true help to all the beings on this planet to live the present with confidence and continue to approach the future with hope".

Chico Xavier


Dear all,

I thank you all for the valuable time that you all took out to read these messages. My heartfelt gratitude to Chico Xavier, one of the greatest mediums on this planet who connected with me through my meditation practice. I meditate daily because I feel good. I feel as if it is through meditation that I find the true answers to my questions. When I connect to my guides, I feel a sense of completeness. It is a feeling that can’t be explained.

I am thankful to my guides (up there), to Chicho for this small book with a very beautiful message. I thank my husband Thibault who had the confidence in me and my spiritual practice. Without him, this book would not have been in place. Thank you Thibault for your unconditional love & support.

A big thanks to my father, mother, brother & sister in India who have always supported me and maintained their trust in me. I love you all. Thanks to my kids who have been very supportive throughout my journey of meditation so far.

To all the readers, please take what you feel like. There’s no intention from my end to convince any one. I wish you all love, love and only love.

Love & peace,


Chapter 1

channelled on Friday 17 May 2019

Science is going to know a great transformation. The information will be brought by the beings from higher dimension. The internet that you know today will be revolutionised. The process has already begun. A new dimension will be created on planet earth. This will be for the first time that two different dimensions will exist on the same planet. Poverty will end. The huge gap between the rich and the poor will end. Equal opportunities will be created for all.

All that you bargain with money, the money itself will end. The money that you know today will just be a piece of paper worth nothing. The educational institutions will be completely changed and wisdom will be the key aspect of teaching. Creation & execution of self worth will be taught in all schools. Intuitive abilities will be honoured & nurtured.

Its important to know how the future will be in order to modify the thoughts today. All those reading this message need to know about the future changes. Health care will no more operate with insurances but with service. Because money will disappear & wisdom will be taught & practised, the fears & insecurities will come to an end. The only ambition will be to serve one’s highest self.

Many will encounter personal meetings with beings from other dimensions. It will become an open talk. Your career will not be the same as today. Because the world will operate by wisdom itself, man will use the resources judiciously.

Spirituality will prevail everywhere and will guide all beings.

There will be no rush to excel or surpass anyone. You will be just who you are and you will live to your being to the fullest. Climate will change and humans will adapt to the changing climate. These changes will be severe in the beginning but with the help of other beings from other dimensions, humans will learn all the necessary aspects of adaptation.

All these changes will bring about a small revolution in western europe. At the beginning nobody will give importance to it but with time, this movement will spread like a fire in Europe, Asia, Arabic countries and then to USA.

Chapter 2

channelled on Sunday 19 May 2019

The economy of the world will undergo drastic changes. Scenes of economic crises have already begun. A common man can see and know about it. The future economy will be based on equal sharing unlike the present economy where only a few hold the majority of wealth.

Since money will disappear, the monopoly of a few selected ones will disappear as well. Funding of public services will be based on contribution of each person. Each person will be honest and contribute to the public services based on their capacity.

As no one will be forced to do a certain job, people will be pleased to contribute. Schools will not tell children to “get a job” but will focus on discovering and developing the child’s true potential. Spiritual institutions will work hand in hand with educational institutions. Wealth distribution will be done in a wise way. Because people will honour honesty, they will not want more than what is sufficient to them.

There will be no banks as people will develop wisdom to live their life and hence no manipulations. The economic order of the world will be humanist. Humans will decide mutually and wisely amongst themselves. This new economic order will create new opportunities for people as people will be able to express & develop their creativity.

Chapter 3

channelled on Monday 20 May 2019

The health system will change worldwide. Doctors and healers will work together and laser therapy will be used for most cases. There is still much not known about the laser. But laser therapy will kill the cancerous cells in the body.

A special team of scientists and health experts from other dimensions will share this knowledge with the health experts on the planet. India and other south eastern countries will be the first to be benefitted. The health measurement benefits will change and happiness will become the key measurement point. How happy you are will denote your health status.

Smoking will completely be eradicated from this planet as the laser therapy can only work in a smoke free environment. The health of plants, animals and other water beings will be as important as the health of humans.

The current hospital environment will be completely change. It will be more homely and empathetic and intuitive.

Chapter 4

channelled on Wednesday 22 May 2019

The source of enlightenment in the future will be the intuitive self. People will narrow their sources of information. Information will be based on their own experience with their higher self. The educational institutions will focus on spirituality as an important discipline.

Telepathy will connect people to higher dimensions & knowledge will be transfered through telepathy. Freemasonry will continue to exist but will know some spiritual improvements. Instead of creating a hierarchy in the freemasonry circle, equality will be given importance. Any manipulation will hamper the telepathic connection & so honesty will be the key to higher knowledge.

Cosmic concepts will be explained in a precise way due to the contact between humans and other beings from other dimensions.

Chapter 5

channelled on Thursday 23 May 2019

Military operations will change on planet earth. The nuclear missiles will be abolished by common galactic consensus. The world leaders will no more have the power to decide about nuclear energy projects.

This will be the result of the big chaos on earth following the revolutions in western Europe and then worldwide. Self defending from other nations will no more be a concern. People will lead their lives honestly, each one working according to his capacity. Competition will not exist.

The political leaders will not have the same intention as today’s corrupt leaders. In fact, no one will need a political leader. Society will be based on true and honest structure. Fear will be eradicated from the society and thus no police will be needed.

Chapter 6

channelled on Friday 24 May 2019

Vehicles of tomorrow will be space vessels flying at a very high speed. The resources like petrol will not be left and space vessels will become the means to commute for a common man. Since the society will be based on equality, the space vessels will not be a delight only for the special ones.

These will be electronic devices that will be charged by solar energy. In the cold countries, there’ll be a special time zone where sun rays will be more effective for a certain period. It will be enough to recharge all vessels during that short time.

Airline companies will cease to exist and will transform to manufacturing, dealing and selling of space vessels. It will have the capacity to cater all family members and depending on the size of the family, vessels will be allocated.

Vessels will be exchanged for service, since money will not exist anymore. Tesla’s equations will be used to create these vessels. He has already started contacting mediums and scientists for the same. No license will be required to drive the vessels as it will be automatic. This will revolutionise the life on earth and will solve many human problems.

Chapter 7

channelled on Sunday 7 July 2019

Peace and harmony comes from within is a basic norm in spirituality. But do not ignore the external factors where you have been reincarnated. The external environment is a reflection of the internal environment. If you are not at ease within, you will not be at ease without.

In future, peace & harmony will depend on the person’s inner environment. This will lead to each person introspecting at deeper levels to reach out to peace and harmony. Meditation can be a useful technique but it will become obsolete.

Other beings from other dimensions will come to rewire the human brain to spark a light for introspection. The technique to rewire the human mind will be taught only to a few people as humans are known to be destructive. Laser will be used in this case as well.

Brain lighting will be the term used for this technique. Humans will then have the easy way to look into other dimensions and ask for support from other dimensions for peace & harmony.

Chapter 8

channelled on Thursday 18 July 2019

The economical game will change in the days to come. The big manipulators will have to give away their powers. These include the leaders of the political parties. There will be un upsurge amongst people all over the world. Many revolts will happen. The "gilet jaune" (in france) is just the beginning.

Many will take inspiration from "gilet jaune" and will fight against the political powers. It will be an ugly scene. It will last for several days but then leaders will surrender before the common man. People will create a referendum and voting by each one will be the base of the new laws.

Scarcity of food and water will be solved. The other dimension beings will have to intervene on earth to help humans. There are many methods and technologies that need to be mastered by the humans. Intervention of other beings is necessary in order to accelerate the growth of humanity.

Newspapers will be banned. Nobody will pay the media to publish a news in their interest. The news in the interest of humanity will be published in the sky every week. The news will help people to take inspiration from each other to continue to grow.

Chapter 9

channelled on Saturday 20 July 2019

In the modern times, man has lost the connection to self. He is not only lost but also helpless. Past experiences lead to a blockage in the present and man entangles himself in the vicious cycle of worries thereby creating an insecure future.

Liberation comes from absolute freedom and absolute acceptance of self. Spirituality will become the core of this material dimension earth. The atheist, the believers, thinkers, non thinkers, all will have to pursue spirituality in the future.

This is because earth will move into a new galaxy. People will have to operate on higher frequencies in order to move into a new galaxy. This movement will be very subtle. The process has started from today itself.

All of a sudden, people will feel a huge shift in energy level. They will be drawn toward different spiritual practices and will pursue it seriously.

Chapter 10

channelled on Sunday 15 September 2019

In today’s time, each person is questioning his existence. Why Am I here? What do I have to do? What’s my purpose? You are being sent here to accomplish a very important work of the universe. The universe is ever expanding and it needs different species and forms to expand. You are one such species that allow the universe to continue the expansion. This ever growing expansion is called consciousness. It is infinite and endless.

The human suffering has been always questioned. Why do humans suffer in the process of expansion of the universe? This is because humans are limitless in discovering their own potential. The suffering was given to humans so that they can discover their limitless potential. Humans if turn inward can have an access to the left part of their brain. That part of the brain is directly linked to the pineal gland that is the powerhouse of knowledge. Massaging regularly this part of the brain and regular meditation can help humans to activate the left side of the brain.

Spiritual activities like yoga can stimulate the left brain as the nerves linked to the left part of the brain are stimulated while doing yoga.

Humans can then get a peek into their own existence.

Chapter 11

channelled on Wednesday 18 September 2019

Ten years from now (2019) there’s going to be a revolution in the ideas of humanity. It will be a result of some massive catastrophe both natural and man made. Wars will be fought and many natural calamities will occur. In fact, it has already begun. But all this is in the interest of mankind. Contrary to what people may think, I want to tell you to have faith in these natural calamities for this will pave the way to peace and happiness for humans in the long-term.

Thousands and millions of years ago, the natural calamities happened. Its a natural process of the universe to begin itself all together from zero. Be kind to yourself and to the others in the process. In this process, you will be guided by the ascended masters who are willing to hold your hand. Close your eyes and call them. You will be guided. Planet earth is going through a very interesting time where the vibrating frequency of earth is accelerating like never before. All beings have to grow spiritually in order to adapt to a new form of planet order. In the last chapters, I’ve told you what changes will be there in the society.

These changes can take a true form only when there’s a shift in human consciousness.

Chapter 12

channelled on Wednesday 18 September 2019

How to grow your consciousness is a fundamental question today for humanity. This process will be accelerated through natural calamities and man made ones. At your level, you can grow consciousness through your breath. Watch your breath, its quality and the speed. Watching it continuously will make you aware of what food are you consuming, what environment are you living in, what actions are you taking every day and what thoughts are you feeding into your system. Your breath is the key to your awareness. You may begin watching it from now and today. Make it an every day practice. Do it as many times in a day as you feel.

I suggest you do it for 41 days without a break. You will be surprised by the revelations made to you by your breath. You will become a better version of yourself. You will know to take decisions for yourself without looking for an external support. Then combine this exercise with a call out to the ascended masters. You will be helped and guided in the process.

In the beginning, you might just have a "feel good" experience. As your practice grows, internal transformation at the cellular level will begin to happen. You will know for sure changes taking place inside. You will be at peace and you will be prepared for a new world.

Chapter 13

channelled on Friday 20 September 2019

Planet earth is going through some of the most interesting times. Its bombarded with a lot of information at all times. The irony is that this information is often not a complete one. Today, I will tell you about food. This has become one of the greatest information topics in the last few years.

What food to eat? What food not to eat? Well, all that depends on a variety of factors. Its just not one factor that works in isolation. You have to learn to balance between fasting and feasting. Fasting after feasting is definitely a good way to eliminate all toxins from the body and to help your body use all that you feed into it. Source of food energy is another a very important point. Who has grown the food on your plate? Where is it coming from? Local & seasonal food is therefore best for your health. This leads us to another important point: non vegetarian and vegetarian or vegan food.

The weather can guide you to make the right choices about the food type. Do not get into the debate of being a vegetarian, non vegetarian or a vegan but look around you, the weather and the needs of your body and the energy source of food.

Lastly, energize your food on the plate through your thoughts and gratitude.

Chapter 14

channelled on Tuesday 24 September 2019

The energy & ambiance of the planet is going to change from November 2019. There will be a series of war. Conflictual situations will begin within the human psyche. It is going to be a difficult period for everybody. The reason for all these developments will not be known to humans. But there will be a slight shift in the human consciousness in general.

Major policies will take place concerning climate. Government will implement some strict policies on recycling of materials. Fashion industry will know major changes to avoid waste. Waste management will be the most important subject on planet earth. This shift in human consciousness will result in an improved consciousness in general. New methods of waste management will be implemented and will be successful.

In the meanwhile, there will be global economic crisis. This will be favorable to the waste management. People will feel fearful. But it is important to work with faith than fear. Faith for a better humanity and an evolved consciousness.

There will be a mass ocean cleansing to reduce water pollution. This will result in a changed awareness on food. Humans will evolve their food intake with the changing environment. The government policies and the economic crisis will have a huge impact on the food evolution of humans.

Chapter 15

channelled on Monday 20 January 2020

Lifestyle of people will change. The consumerist attitude will be replaced by a barter system. It will just be like centuries ago but the only difference will be that people will be answerable to each other through their conscience. No police will be required to monitor the exchange. Honesty will prevail.

No profit no loss will exist. Nobody will hoard things. All will have what will be necessary for them at that given space and time. It will be against the law of nature to transfer any object, plant or other things from one country to another. Local produce will be encouraged and if people would like to taste or experience an exotic thing, they will have to travel.

Travelling too will be eco friendly. Their will be solar air ships in countries where it is sunny. In countries, where sun is rare, the air ships will operate through free energy. No company could patronize the skill as the skill to use free energy will be taught to all.

It will be a beautiful time for humanity.

Chapter 16

channelled on Monday 2 March 2020

The world will know its greatest fallout in this century. Humans will be replaced by automated machines for some tasks but not all. This will create fear in people. This fear will lead people to practice more spirituality. They will come out their materialistic desires to go deep inside. They will understand that in order to work on fear, they have to connect to their deeper roots.

Spiritual disciplines will be taught to toddlers. Each one will be able to connect to oneself for profound answers. The desire to know about the mysteries of the universe will grow with each being. Even plants and humans will be able to communicate clearly with each other. People will direct all their efforts to create harmony. Each action will be directed by the inner conscience to create harmony.

Health of individuals will improve. They will become more intuitive and will begin to make better choices for themselves.

It will be an era of health and harmony.

Chapter 17

channelled on Tuesday 17 March 2020

The world will face a disaster and the repercussions will be felt worldwide. No one will be able to isolate from the other. People will start to value little things. The focus will move from what to get to what I have.

Sharing will be the new dogma of the society. This disaster will bring a shift in consciousness to become aware of others and to become empathetic. The economic activity will be focused on fair trade. There will not be any chance to cheat the other. If however,any body will dare to cheat, he will be deprived of the sophisticated consciousness and will begin everything from square one. There will not be any punishment in order to maintain and evolve consciousness. This will be the only method to make any one realise the impact of their actions.

Kind thoughts and kind actions will create a harmonious society. People will value each others emotions and will behave keeping it in mind that all actions have consequences. There will not be any need for judges in the society.

Moral norms will change, There will not be any segregation between moral and immoral. Consciousness will guide human actions.

Chapter 18

channelled on Saturday 21 March 2020

The world will slowly become a favorable place where every being could prosper. It will become a natural habitat to all species and no cruelties will prevail. This is because the human species will have learnt by then a sense of deep awareness through past tumultuous experiences.

The long journey of spirituality will be shortened and many people will have an access to higher spiritual dimensions. It is quite possible that in the future people travel to different dimensions in a span of a day. All that is still a bit unsure for it depends on human awareness and actions. But value of life of each being will be precious and equality in all domains will prevail.

The society will not be in a hierarchical structure. Because of equality of all beings and everywhere, there will be no dominator and no victim. A sense of deep understanding will prevail the human consciousness. The political structure therefore will be completely different from ten years now. All that you are going through today is a preparatory ground for tomorrow. Gratitude will be highly valued and people will enjoy a sense of harmony everywhere.

Chapter 19

channelled on Sunday 22 March 2020

The revolution in the field of science will be a much awaited phenomenon. Many scientists will put real scientific & spiritual knowledge to conduct researches in the future. Some of the scientists have already started and the rest will join in later. The branch of science will notice a big leap in terms of research.

All scientists will be liberated from the capital required to conduct research. A true scientist will be the one who will use the spiritual wisdom to conduct the scientific tests. He will not depend on the capital funded by some millionaire. Aura study will be conducted in order to study the nano human particles. Depending on the aura of each person, a specific anotomical study of the person will be conducted. This study will then be used to prescribe what diet & medicine would correspond to that particular person.

The nano particles related to the individual aura will reveal the behavioural pattern of the person. The person could then be guided toward the activities (both professional & leisure) to help him stay in balance. Science will exceed in aura study to such a level that people could be helped in many ways in their daily life. We could even find healers & scientists working together. Solidarity will be seen in all domains.

The difference will be in the approach. At the present, much is being done in science but to cater to the capitalistic desires of a very few. Whereas, in the future, much will be done to enhance the well being & the solidarity between individuals.

Chapter 20

channelled on Monday 23 March 2020

Civil wars will create a new structure in society. The present day politics will know its downfall. False democracy will be replaced by a true representation of people. Industrial revolution will also be replaced by true, authentic & creative ideas. It will not just be a question of bla bla bla but people will really create things to add value to the society.

All those who are in fear today can be reassured of a better tomorrow. But be prepared to go through a few losses. But if you detach yourself from the materialistic world, adapting to new changes will not be a challenge for you. The world of tomorrow will be based on equality and true respect for each being. Consumerism will loose its value. There shall always be consumers but people will be driven to consume real things and not the superficial ones. It will create a new set of values completely different from the present day ones.

Most people will really operate through their hearts and not their heads. You all must welcome this new era with an open heart.

1. Meditation is a practice where an individual uses a technique to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state.
2. Automatic writing or psychography is a claimed psychic ability allowing a person to produce written words without consciously writing.
3. It is a term under which scholars have categorised a wide range of loosely related ideas and movements which have developed within Western society.
4. A channel, in esoterism, is a specific object, person, location, or process which allows a person to connect or communicate with a spiritual realm, metaphysical energy, or spiritual entity, or vice versa.
5. The ideomotor phenomenon is a psychological phenomenon wherein a subject makes motions unconsciously.
6. During a period of 60 years he wrote over 490 books and several thousand letters claiming to use a process known as "psychography".