Begin now to connect to your awareness

Your karmas are determined by the decision that your soul chooses to live in form of life on earth. All happy or difficult situations that you face in this lifetime are predetermined by the choice of your soul. However to live those situations with happiness depends on your free will. Your free will decided as to how will you live these experiences.

Your focus should be to improve the quality of your free will. By quality, we mean, the level of awareness. The better is your awareness level, better will be the way by which you will live these experiences in your life. It doesn’t mean that you won’t face any challenges. It simply mean that you will start to live challenges & difficulties with love, awareness & compassion.

Therefore, even the most difficult situation will not appear to you as difficult as it would have in the past. Your evolution is in your own hands. Open your eyes, your ears & your heart. Let go of fear & guilt. Begin now to connect to your awareness.

Love & peace