Don’t be scared of this demon in you

Demons are the negative energy that we all harbour in us. The demonic act of a human being leads to destruction, war & famine. The devil in you is passive if you wish it to be so. Else, it can become activated like a volcano resulting in mass destruction.

Don’t be scared of this demon in you. Just be aware of it. Being aware of it presence will help you to make right choices in your life. You could be a devil to someone in everyday life. A devilish act may not be mass destructive. It could devilish enough to pinch someone through your thoughts, words & acts. Calm it. Tame it. How? By positive thinking. Having thoughts for self & others that help in growth, a positive one where you and the others grow happily & live joyfully.

By doing this, slowly you’ll transform the devil in you as the GOD for the devil and God are within you. Shift your focus from outward to inward. This shift will allow you to shift the unwanted things in you life.

Love & peace