Faith is made by the laws of universe

Call me when you need healing. I am present for all of those who want an internal healing. NO matter how big your wounds are, I can calm them down. For calming them down, I need your help too. Its a mutual effort. You need to invest your faith & hope into it.

Let me remind you that faith is often mistaken for religion. Religion is man-made. Faith is made by the laws of universe. Law of attraction is the result of faith. If there’s still some confusion in your mind, simply allow yourself to be guided by me. Connect with your heart and I’ll be there. No matter how rich or poor, strong or weak, beautiful or ugly you are. I will come to all those who connect with me through their hearts.

Internal healing means transforming your old patterns of thoughts, false beliefs, notions, ideas, intellect into faith. Faith is something that comes from your heart. Anything coming from the heart is never negative. Healing happens to those who nurture their heart with faith- faith of love, honesty, joy & peace. There’s no space for hatred, guilt, arrogance in faith for faith is the base of the universe.

The universe has faith in its source. That is why the sun, stars and moon function the way they do. The sun rises out each morning with a faith to give light to you & all living beings on your planet. The stars come out inspite of clouds to shine at night. The moon spreads its light at the darkest corners of earth. If they didn't function with faith, each of them would do the opposite.

You are a part of this universe. Start operating with faith. You will see light, light & only light then.

Love & peace