Gratitude is that attitude that you are born with

Gratitude is that attitude that you are born with. Look into the eyes of a new born baby. You will find gratitude at a very deep level. Gratitude helps you to recognize the beautiful things that you own in your life. These things are not material in nature. It is your essence-your sight, your breath & the ability to feel things & people around you. This is your intuition.

Intuition will always lead to decisions that correspond to your spiritual growth. Decisions made through intellect will only satisfy the material illusion that is around you. Intuition will help you to breakthrough the illusion. What is the difference?

Before intuition leads you, you were lead by the material world. After you are lead by intuition, the material world transforms into a space of spiritual evolution. You are born with this purpose. You forget this goal for some time. The situations, especially, the challenging ones will turn your path to the intuitive path.

The next time, you face any challenge in life, try to be lead by your intuition and the results will be there for you to see.

Love & peace