Have you ever felt your heartbeats?

Many a times, man worries for health, wealth or the future. Very often, his mind is preoccupied with either the deeds of the future or the regrets of the past. He absolutely forgets to concentrate & live in the present.

Have you ever felt your heartbeats? The heart beats in the present moment. The vibrations of the heart beats are linked to you present moment. Then why don’t you stay connected to your present? Worrying, stress or fear are the sources of the past or the future. Living in the present moment can help you heal at each instant. It can induce a sense of joy, peace and happiness. It will remove your fears, doubts, regrets and guilts.

It doesn’t cost you anything to live in the moment. Become aware of your present body condition, your present emotional state. Healing will begin. You have to heal yourself everyday, each instant. Get started now. NOW is the only moment on which you can act & the reaction will pleasantly surprise you.

Love & peace