How to heal the heart?

The path of light is a difficult one. There are many hurdles in the way to listen to your heart. But continue to follow your heart. If you don't, then you will fall sick. Sickness is a result of not listening & following your heart. What is known to your heart is known to the universe. Heart beats are the most positive vibes in your body.

Healing the heart should be a daily activity. How to heal the heart? Through good vibes, keeping yourself in the company of those with good vibes, listening to things with good vibes & touching things with good vibes will help keep up the vibes of your heart.

When the heart beats vibrate at a lower level of frequency, you are prone to many sort of illness. Illness & disease are low frequency vibrations. They are a parasite to your body. Revive the frequency of your heart beats through meditation, sweet & loving environment. Above all, love is the medicine for your heart. So love. Love yourself & love others.

Love & peace