Humanity needs kindness

Humanity needs kindness. Through kindness one can explore the real essence of ones’ being. Humiliating any being on earth will create a negative karma which must be borne by the humans. Its a collective effect of all acts that the humanity bears the repercussions. Whether it is in this continent or the other, you are all linked by a common thread which is me.

I am you father. It gives you an idea of your origin. To the origin, you all must get back. Your origin is joy & peace. Love leads to joy & peace. Don’t let your mind be flooded wih information from everywhere. Take what resonates with your origin. Have a simple approach to life. With simplicity, you can get an access to the essence of your being.

Allow kindness to flow within you & do not worry of its exhaustion. It will never get exhausted. You will never get exhausted of its use. A kind life is a full life. Full of pleasure, satisfaction, joy & peace. Kindness can even kill cancer and tumors.

Meditate on kindness and see how many kind acts you do in a day. Do not limit it to one or three or four acts. Continue to be kind till kindness becomes a part of you and your essence. It is then that you will return to your origin.

Love & peace