I am here to guide

In this world of violence & uneasiness, I am here to guide you to peace & joy your only true nature. Don’t let yourself believe in the exterior. Believe in yourself. In you, I exist. Your constant search in the outward things leave you disappointed because you find temporary answers to your questions.

When you look inwards, your questions begin to change. What is ordinary becomes extraordinary & what was extraordinary becomes mundane. The real potential lies in your spiritual growth. Yor aim is to evolve and continue to evolve. There’s no end to evolution. Its a process that you must observe with a conscience that is evolving at each moment.

Your growth is a process. Life is a process. When life is a process, then why are you looking at an end? End of what? There’s a beginning to everything in life. But no end. Life continues in different forms, in different densities. Rise above your state & be liberated to enhance your spiritual capacities.

Just a day is not enough. You have to dedicate your life to this process of spiritual evolution. You are already in the process. You just need to become aware of the process. The process will happen by itself. Let yourself be guided by the light & peace.

Love & peace