I am your father-God

I am your father-God. You must be amazed as to how can God speak to you? The fact is that God resides in each of you. Those who take time out to connect with themselves daily can speak to me.

The earth and sky have a deep connection. You are as connected to sky as to earth. You are as much a part of sky as of earth. Be aware of this connection at all times. This will give you stability- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Lack of this connection makes you unstable and unsure of who you really are. Lack of this connection disconnects you from your origin-your sate of joy & peace.

Wherever you are, do take some time out to get connected to earth & sky. Do it several times in a day if you are unsure of your essence. When you do it, pray, asking all the terrestrial and celestial energies to connect with each other through you. You are a storehouse of unexplored energy. This connection will ignite the dormant energy within you.

This dormant energy, when once awakened, will lead you to your unexplored energies. This energy is powerful, creative & spiritual in its nature. Connect with your essence & may you awaken the dormant one lying within you for your spiritual purpose.

Love & peace