In the unity lies your strength

What we are telling you is of utmost importance. It is of utmost importance to your soul. Its like the food for your soul. In the unity lies your strength. When you have a feeling of separation, division, it is because you have been temporarily cut off from your essence. We say temporarily as nothing is permanent in this world. Not even the feelings of separation & division.

Healing your soul every day is your primary job. When you do this job with honesty, other things will start falling in place in your life. How can you do this? Meditate, let yourself be expanded in the universe. When you expand physically, it is a reflection of your consciousness expanding in the universe. Have you tasted a mango? A nice ripe mango? If yes, then you can understand how does it feel when your consciousness expands.

Patterns in your body & brain begin to change. Internal transformation begin to happen. Internal healing begins to happen. Physical healing then follows. Your interior is a constant reflection of the consciousness. Aim at expanding it each day. No explanations or justifications are needed. What is needed is the act to stay in silence each day for a couple of minutes and then you’ll see changes around you. These changes will be those miracles that your soul has been waiting to see since its reincarnation on earth.

Love & peace