Life can change at any time when you wish

Life can change at any time when you wish. Do not think that you are too small to make a wish. You have to create that power of making a wish. How to make a wish is an important question.

Wishes must be aligned to your true self. Wishes that resonate with your soul are always granted by the universe. It is not a moral lesson but a reality. You are a creation of this universe and the universe is always there to nurture you, to help you grow higher and higher.

The universe functions by laws. These laws are decided by a number of galaxies. Your galaxy is a part of these laws. When you start functioning in accordance with the laws of the universe, your wishes begin to manifest.

So what is the cause of your sufferings? It is your inability to function according to universal laws. So what are these universal laws? Respect, kindness, gratitude & wisdom. You must respect all that exists on earth. Don’t even neglect a small piece of stone for it carries the future genetic material. Be kind to all. In kindness lies your humanity. Become wise. This is possible when you start living with awareness. Wisdom will teach you respect & kindness. Manifestation of your wishes will be the result of these three keys.

Love & peace