Love is the strongest weapon inside of you

Love is the strongest weapon inside of you. Its love that transforms bitterness to sweetness. You may have moments of doubt on love on earth. Nevertheless, its the only thing that is true, free from duality.

Become the love. You’ll be free from the duality. See the love around you in each creature. Become one with love. At the deepest level, even you are love. Its just that you have forgotten it. Connect with the love inside you. To do so, simply close your eyes and connect to your heart. Your heart has the similar vibrations as of the universe.

Love resides in your heart. When you connect with your heart, you connect with the love residing in the universe in different densities, in different creatures. Love will guide the lost, the blind & the ignorant. So, it doesn’t matter if you have your five senses or not. For each one of us have a heart. Peep into the love in your heart & you’ll project the same outside.

Love & peace