So what is wisdom after all?

Wisdom is often not explained in clear words. For the intellectuals, its a power to prove the others wrong. For the non intellectuals, its a sort of escapism from the challenges of life. So what is wisdom after all?

In simple terms, its the way you live your life. How well you live your life is what is wisdom? The parameters of living your life are decided only and only by you. Even if you have an impression that the parameters are decided by society, parents etc. It’s only you who choose the parameters.

Try designing your own parameters to live your life wisely. How to decide the parameters? Lok into yourself, ask yourself questions about what passionates you in life? Have the courage to then pursue your passion. You may or may not have the so called right conditions to pursue it. But if you don’t dare, you will always be enveloped in the parameters of external forces.

Once you start living live by your own designed parameters, you will be free of regret and guilt. So, come on dare and live life wisely!