The art of meditation is a simple art

The art of meditation is a simple art. The one who tells you complicated methods is not talking about meditation but some other form of art. To meditate is to go deep within yourself. It does not mean that you seclude yourself from the world. Remember that a true yogi is the one who has established meditation in each aspect of his life.

Do meditate in forests, in nature or wherever you wish. But do not limit it to the nature alone. Bring it to your own nature. Be a meditator when you play different roles- husband, wife, son, daughter etc. I’ll give you a simple technique to meditate. Close your eyes and listen to your heart beat. Put your right hand on your heart & connect with your heart beat. Feel the connection between you & your heart. You & your heart are one.

Now connect with your heart beat to your breath. You, your heart & your breath are one. Keep watchful of your heart beat & your breath till you all feel one.

Love & peace