The sun has a number of functions

The sun has a number of functions. Apart from creating you, it takes care of the fact that you maintain the life given by it. It is the sun that helps you to keep up your vibration level. Your cells begin to vibrate faster at its sight.

The yogis use the surya namaskar (sun salutations in yoga) to let the energy flow in the chakras. The sun is the creator and the creature. So are you. You create what you wish. You-the creature is the result of you-the creator. The sun is the God of Gods.

Although no life is possible on sun, however it makes sure that there is life in other planets. Such is the generosity of sun. It shines bright keeping its ego apart. Such should be your role on earth. Shine bright and let others vibrate, live & flourish.

Many great cultures worship sun as God because of its divine characteristics. The divine sees the divine in all that surrounds the divine. Let the sun be your inspiration each day. Be bright, ego-less just like the sun-your source-the divine.

Love & peace