The whole cosmos operates on courage

Never loose courage. Courage is the only support system in your life. When everything goes haywire, courage is your only weapon to fight against the odd times.

Do you think that the universe could function without courage? The galaxies could function without courage? The whole cosmos operates on courage. Courage will foster your inner strength to attract positivity and the situations that you wish to live. It will also help you to live the difficult situation better.

How do I get this courage? I feel very weak to gather courage?

Pray, chant, meditate, become one with yourself. When you become one with yourself, is when you become one with the universe and it is then that the whole universe puts in the energy to give you strength and courage.

I (Shiva) have had difficult times too. Many a times I faced challenges, anguish, hatred and all other ill feelings. But I knew the secret to facing all these challenges and rising far above. My third eyes is a reminder for all of you to connect with the universe to connect with God or The Source if you would call so. When you feel low, connect with your third eye and pray or meditate. Become one with your breath at the third eye and welcome the strength that the universe will shower upon you.