There is no need for panic or anger in destruction

Shiva is a part of the trinity- Bhrama the creator, Vishnu the preserver, Shiva the destructor. Often you have fear hearing the word destructor. But do not forget that without destruction, there is no creation. I am there for all those who want to destroy the negativity in them. Any emotion, feeling or sentiment that forbids you to move ahead should be destroyed.

There is no need for panic or anger in destruction. If you destroy anything with awareness, the process is peaceful. Destroy the devil in you through peaceful acts. Call me. Think of me. I’ll be present for all those who genuinely wish to destroy the evil in them. As a light travels through the universe, so will I travel to accompany you to finish the process. The act of destruction is followed by a state of neutrality. This stage is the stage of observation where you can reflect with full awareness on what to create next.

Destruction is a beautiful process just as creation. When done peacefully, the creation can become beautiful and fruit bearing. So, go within yourself & see what needs to be destroyed now. If you wish, call me. I’ll be there.

Love & peace