This year end is a bit peculiar

The year 2016 is ending and so you can feel your energy dying as well. Let me tell you that this year end is a bit peculiar. Feeling of dullness, low energy level & sickness will be a part & parcel of this year end. Nevertheless, keep up your positive spirit.

Accept if the things around you do not go well or the way that you had wished. You have to move on with your divine energy & positive spirit in this low phase. For every low phase is followed by a renewal. Renewal of matter & form. It is important at this time to manage your thoughts & not be pulled up by the negativity.

I suggest you to accept, accept & accept the situation. Then, thank it. And for sure, the light will follow. Remember that you all are born to experience hardships but not be affected by them. One way to reduce your expectations is to stop focusing on the result. A result oriented action will lead you to despair & stress. You are light & let that light within you be lighted.

Love & peace