Welcome to my first lesson

Welcome to my first lesson. I call it a lesson because lessons are to be learnt in each life. You are fortunate to be able to listen & read what I am saying. Not many have the opportunity to do so as they are caught up by the ego.

Ego has its own role on this earth & in the material life. It is the cause of the sufferings too. Mind is everything & control over the mind is what is needed to end the sufferings. You may enjoy each day without being a slave to your mind.

May the light be the source of joy & peace. Outsourcing of happiness is the main problem of today’s humanity. I say “today’s humanity” as humanity has existed over billions of years. Start controlling your mind. When mind gets agitated, calm it down through peaceful activities. In yoga is the light. I am present in yoga, in meditation, in reiki & all such luminous practices where the control and liberation of the mind is needed.

Observe your mind and then filter it. Ego & mind have a close connection. Both need constant food & attention. When deprived of either of the two, they start to be like a fish which is outside of water. Watch, control & relax your mind. Then you’ll see the divine in yourself.

May you all taste the state of divinity at each moment.

Love & peace