What is inside comes outside

Light is a a source of energy that all living beings need. We all consume light in one form or another. But, we fail to inculcate the same light in our thoughts, speech and actions. This is an age old human tendency to forget the use of light.

What is inside comes outside, is the law of universe. But, not many live by this principle. They consume things and keep storing it inside until everything begins to rot. Things come out of them forcefully in many forms: ill health, psychological problems, or even depression & madness. Why do you complicate your life? Input & output should be a natural process for all living forms.

Nature has simple rules. All of those who fail to live by this rule complicate their live & can’t come out of misery & worries. The rule is simple. Application is up to you. Begin now to lead a misery fee life.

Love & peace.