Whatever regrets you have had, its time to drop them off

The day has come to prepare yourself mentally for the world to change. Whatever regrets you have had, its time to drop them off. You are accelerating with the earth’s acceleration. Don’t be scared. Evolution is a process that each being has to undergo.

Look around you and you will see the division. The division between two worlds. The ones who are clinging to old beliefs and ideas are suffering and the ones who are accepting the challenges are growing. You are the one to make choice. So, here’s no question of regret. Believing in yourself is believing in God. Bible has said God created man in his own image. You are GOD. You are evolving and you are participating in the collective evolution of the planet and the universe.

The universe is expanding even further and is opening gates for different species or extraterrestrial beings to interact with each other. This interaction is important for the evolution of the universe. Expansion of consciousness will come to you very soon and for some very smoothly and rapidly, almost effortlessly.

So drop all efforts and just welcome and accept the changes around-be it difference of opinions or actions for you are now living in two different worlds on the same planet.