You are what you attract

You are what you attract. Law of attraction is known to all. Its a law of universe. If you live by the law of attraction every day, you will become an evolved person. You will be watchful of your thoughts & actions. You will be able to make a difference to the planet. Revolting against things will create a heavy energy. An energy that is difficult to live by and that makes you tired leaving you dull.

Raise your level of awareness. Become aware of your body, your thoughts, your speech & your actions. The world around you is your mirror. The universe is ready to give abundance to you. But it is you who blocks your own way to abundant joy & love.

Free yourself from self-pity. Start being what you want to attract. Don’t feel guilty of what you want to attract. Don’t measure it, don’t limit it by time. Be free. The universe doesn’t bind any being. It is the being who binds himself. Your soul can understand each word of what I say. Listen to your soul, your intuition.

Prepare yourself for higher challenges that are unknown to you. Love yourself, love the others. And you’ll attract only love.

Love & peace