Your breath is the link to everything

Far you have come from your roots. Your roots lie in the unity and not the division that you’ve created and create every day as a man/woman, good/bad, national/foreigner and so on and so forth.

The reason why unity is your roots is of basic concern for all of us in the galaxy not just yours but the thousands of other galaxies that exist. The source of all galaxies is the same is one. Therefore, reminding the unity is of utmost importance. Why do you create divisions? Because of your fears and insecurities. Why are you insecure? Because of your limited vision. You think that everything including you is just here and now. No, you are mortal beings with an immortal soul. You have lived in the past and you will continue to live in the future. The fact that you have no memory of your past existence is what makes you insecure of your future.

Just breathe and connect to your breath. Your breath is the link to everything. Your breath alone is the solution to your fears and insecurities. Every day, spend some time with yourself and connect with your breath. Over a period of time, you will know all by yourself.