Your life is a mirror

Your life is a mirror. It reflects all your karma from this life as well as from your previous lives. To escape from your karma is not possible. If you wish not to suffer any more then become aware of your karma. As awareness grows, you’ll start operating from your centre, the “merudanda” (in sanskrit language in the yogic context, the spine is referred to as centre of universe-merudanda, where the important chakras are located). It’s here that the whole consciousness resides.

Spirituality is not a matter of debate. So do not try to influence anyone. Let them do their own experiments. Experimenting & learning make your life journey complete. Some may have many experiences but no evident learning takes place. Learning does take place even if it is in a very small amount.

Appearance of any being should not affect your consciousness. Your consciousness should be stainless, unaffected by judgments or appearances. Humans began learning to be judgemental after loosing their connection with the divine.

I am within you & within others around you. Do not seclude one from myself or others around you. Grow with me. Spread the light & love wherever you go. These are the only things that you carry with you when you leave this life & these are the things that you begin your next life with. Be the light.

Love & peace