You won't be the first one.

Thanks a lot for the goodness through the reiki sessions. Right from the first meeting, I felt the benefits of reiki healing. Your welcome, your professionalism and your experience are fantastic and completely positive.
I could see the changes in my life in an objective manner. I recommend you to my friends with closed eyes and I am convinced by your work. Your advice is precious.
Véronique (Meditation / Reiki)
When I met Ruhi Ahluwalia, I wanted to do yoga for physical reducation. Following Ruhi's intuition, we started off with meditation and reiki. This is what I had been looking for since a long time. A moment, a person, to live calmly, accepting one's self and wisdom.
Moreover, from this practice, I can finally find answers to my needs deep down inside and can be aligned with my own being. I acknowledge and I am very happy of all that we have already accomplished so far.
Laurence (Meditation / Reiki)
I've been practising yoga since last 10 years and I started taking sessions with Ruhi Ahluwalia (OM Veda Home) a few months back. Her teachings bring me a depth and energy that I've never seen before.
Ruhi Ahluwalia knows to present and teach the postures, respiration and meditation by giving them sense and coherence. She gives us the feel of a conscious practice whose effects we realise very quickly in every day life.
Elisabeth (Yoga therapy)
Thanks to OM Veda Home for its precious help that I enjoyed. The Yoga therapy and meditation helped me to refocus, concentrate on myself and to find physical and emotional stability. These disciplines brought me a lot of joy and serenity.
Sandy (Yoga therapy)
These prenatal yoga classes helped me to take time to feel, to calm myself down and to listen to myself. The daily life is full of committments and we keep running from right to left.
These classes helped me to slow down, to take out some time for calming me down, to feel my body changing with pregnancy, to feel what's going on in my womb, to meditate and stop all those thoughts that are so frequently present.
It is a beautiful experience to increase the physical conscience and to slowly prepare myself for this unknown moment to welcome a new life in my arms.
Anonymous (Prenatal Yoga)
While I was following the yoga sessions with Ruhi Ahluwalia, one day, I spoke to her about different sorts of pain in shoulder and knee. We switched to reiki instead of yoga that day.
I was impressed to experience the calm and serenity on the physical as well as the mental level.
Elisabeth (Reiki)
I've had some clairvoyance sessions with Ruhi, and she was incredilbly precise in telling me about the events that have happened or were about to happen. I also took some reiki sessions that really helpedme to feel better.
I willingly recommend to go and see her as she really helped me a lot to feel better and to resolve some issues in my life. I thank her a lot.