Practice the Law of Attraction daily.

Come and practice the Law of Attraction in group.

Participate in Ruhi's unique high energy style to manifest your dreams. This practice 4 times a week will lift your vibration leaving you with high energy to attract high quality goals.

Daily sessions are held on Zoom and last 15 minutes. To subscribe, please refer to the information below.


In general, the session schedule follows the schedule below:

DaySwiss time
Monday05h45 pm - 06h00 pm
Tuesday05h45 pm - 06h00 pm
Wednesday05h45 pm - 06h00 pm
Thursday05h45 pm - 06h00 pm

The sessions are available for monthly subscribers.

  • From Monday to Thursday, an email will be sent with the details of Zoom connection.
  • Then, at the end of the session, another email will be sent giving access to the recording.


  • The subscriptions are managed by Stripe.
  • A subscription is based on a monthly payment automatically managed by Stripe.
  • A subscription doesn't have duration.
  • A subscription can be stopped at any time, but no refund are available.
  • If a payment fails, the access to the sessions is suspended as long as the payment is done.
  • The sessions will be held at least 45 weeks over a year.