Package - Yoga & Meditation online

Find the ultimate balance for your body and mind with our online Yoga and Meditation package, at home, anytime.


Discover our exclusive online yoga and meditation program. With 4 classes of 30 minutes each, 2 in yoga and 2 in meditation, you will have a perfect balance for your body and mind. Subscriptions of only 90 CHF per month renew automatically for maximum ease of use. Improve your physical and mental well-being today with our complete online yoga and meditation program.

The package includes the following subscriptions:

The pros

  1. Improved physical and mental balance
  2. Reduced stress and anxiety
  3. Improved concentration and determination
  4. Increased inner peace and well-being
  5. Stimulation of the immune system and overall mental health.

How to join?

The sessions are available for monthly subscribers.