Holistic Coaching

Height personal coaching sessions to unblock obstacles in self or professional growth.

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The holistic coaching is for all individuals looking for unblocking the obstacles in self or professional growth. If you are someone who feels completely lost at the moment, demotivated and feel convinced that no matter what you do your personal and professional life will not change: The Holistic Coaching program will help you rebuild powerful inner resources at the conscious and sub conscious level to renew your life.

The process

The program consists of 8 personal coaching sessions of 1.5 hours each face to face or online sessions.

1. Voyance & Numerology

In the very first session, through the power of numbers, I will help you find out your karmic path, obstacles to your personal and professional growth, your potentials for the current year, what blocks you to tap into those potentials. This session will guide us to turn the blockages into opportunities for you in the further sessions.

2. How to work with your double

What if you knew that a part of you is present in a parallel dimension to help you improve your current life. Only if you are aware of how to work with your double, you would be in charge of your life and create wonderful opportunities for yourself. In this session, I will teach you on how to work with your double and create endless opportunities for yourself.

3. Hypnosis

In this session, we will work on removing the blockages found in the numerology session and liberating the limiting beliefs from the sub conscious mind so that you move forward naturally in your life to align yourself with your karmic path. A total of three sessions will be conducted at an interval of 15 days each.

4. Yoga & Meditation

A personalized yoga and meditation program will be designed for you to release stress on a daily basis. You could follow this as a daily practice to culture relaxation and focus in life.

5. Hypnosis

The second hypnosis session will continue the work that we began in the first hypnosis session.

6. Reiki

In this session, we will work on harmonizing the chakras (energy points) in your body. Its a part of internal cleansing and further liberating the sub conscious mind of all that is not needed for you to move forward in your journey.

7. Hypnosis

This will be the third and the final session.

8. Tantric massage

The holistic coaching will end with a powerful tantric massage to work on your meridians and enhance rejuvenation and relaxation at the physiological and psychological level.


  1. All appointments are fixed in advance.
  2. The coaching is held once every week for 8 weeks.
  3. Each session lasts for 1hr30 mins.
  4. Every 15 mins extra apart from the scheduled duration will be charged 25chf.
  5. The amount paid is not reimbursable.
  6. A discount of 10% will be given if the total amount is paid in one time.
  7. The total amount can be paid in two installments. The first one at the beginning of the first session and the second one before the fifth session.
  8. The sessions are valid for 10 weeks. All sessions must be used within this duration. Any missed session outside this duration will not be carried forward.

Unit price

Location Type Price Duration Description
At OM Veda Home Introduction CHF 50 30 min. The objective of this session is to introduce and plan the coaching program.
At OM Veda Home Package CHF 1200 8 sessions of 1 hour 30 min. The eight customized sessions of the Holistic Coaching package.