Get in contact with the people on the other side.

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As a result of my spiritual practice over the past few years, I became a medium between this and the "other" world. In a mediumship session, I get in contact with the people on the other side who have left earth. They contact me to deliver messages to their dear ones and to guide them in their present journey on earth. I am not a guru nor do I intend to become one. I share this gift with the ones who feel distressed and lost on loosing their loved ones. I believe that we are on our individual journeys to be a help to others and judge no one.

It's a one-hour session where I get into trance to become a medium. I also use tarot as a support to give a more precise guidance to clients.

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Location Type Price Duration Description
At OM Veda Home Private CHF 150 1 hour Private sessions are customized according to your needs.