Wellness Weekend Yoga & Meditation - Vevey - June 2022

Come & rejuvenate yourself over a weekend with Yoga Therapy.

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Wellness Weekend

  • workshop of Yoga et Méditation
  • at Vevey in the canton of Vaud
  • Saturday 11th June
  • CHF 150


Zen & Tonic
Avenue Général Guison, 58
2ème étage
1800 Vevey

Are you looking for internal peace? Would you like to rejuvenate your mind and body in a joyful and serene ambiance?

OM Veda Home invites you to a one-day Tantra yoga retreat to find inner & outer balance.

Tantra yoga is a real way to deep relaxation that helps us to live our maximum potential as a human and to celebrate the life within us. You will learn a very ancient and efficient Tantric massage to work on the meridians so that the Prana (vital energy) circulates well in the body.

During the afternoon, we will work on the Chakras with a beautiful meditation and the day will end with a beautiful series of Asanas (postures) of tantra yoga.


Saturday 11th
09h30 - 10h00Welcome
10h00 - 12h00Workshop
12h00 - 13h30Lunch time
14h00 - 17h00Workshop


The workshop will be led by Ruhi Ahluwalia on Saturday 11th June 2022.

Venue: Zen & Tonic Studio.

Zen & Tonic
Avenue Général Guison, 58
2ème étage
1800 Vevey

The tarif for 1 day is CHF 150. The amount paid is non-reimbursable.

Participants are responsible for food & lodging.

Tea & coffee is available for free at the studio. Microwave available to heat food. There are restaurants open next to the studio on Saturdays.